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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reiki Services

I am trained (attuned) in Usui Reiki first degree from Shelia King since 2008 and second degree from Lorelynn Mirage Cardo, Ph.D.since 2009 , which includes emotional healing and distance Reiki. I am attuned to Kundalini Reiki and Reiki Master Level from Rev. Starlene Breiter since 2011.  I am also attuned to Arcturian Rainbow Healing from High Priestess Verria since 2015.

What to expect in a Reiki session
The client is fully clothed and either lies on a massage table or sits in a chair. The practitioner uses hand placements either on or above the body. The practitioner is the tool through which the energy flows and the energy goes to those places in the body that need it. After a session, the client usually feels relaxed and meditative.

Clairvoyance:  During Reiki, I often see animal totems and images of past lives, see past reading sample.

I also am attuned to Kundalini Reiki (all 3 degrees), from Rev. Starlene Breiter, which involves:

Diamond Reiki:  a healer with Kundalini attunement will have an etheric diamond place in their crown chakra through which their Reiki healing energy will flow, taking on the diamond's properties, strengthening the healing energy.

Crystalline Reiki: traumatic events in life which have not been healed leave deposits of crystals in the body which can be healed with Reiki.  Cannot be given as a distance healing.  Requires 2 healing sessions.

DNA Reiki: DNA strands can be healed and strengthened to heal negative inherited genetics and diseases, with 1 Reiki session.

Birth Trauma Reiki: being born is the most severe trauma which can be healed "hands-on" or remotely with 1 Reiki treatment.

Location Reiki: we may have karmic bonds with locations on the earth which can be healed with 1 "hands-on" or remote Reiki treatment.

Past Life Reiki: Reiki can be applied "hands-on" or remotely to heal blockages from earlier lives. Requires 3 sessions.

Self-Love Reiki:  Self love is something that we have all dealt with on some level or another.  Self-love Reiki helps you to learn how to love yourself and at the same time, it  helps you to accept that nobody is perfect, everyone has imperfections and  faults.

Guardian Angel Reiki: Angel Reiki combines Reiki and the Angels. The Angels are called upon to assist with healing. Angels are both manifesters of God and personifications of that power. They generally do not interact with humans unless they are asked to. Guardian Angels and Archangels so take a particular interest in us humans through assisting and strengthening us.

Reiki for Weight Loss @ Metaphysical Weight Management

I am also attuned for Chakra Tantra Reiki.

"Chakra Tantra Reiki is the creating force of Shakti and Shiva. Chakra Tantra Reiki is a form of Spiritual healing that balances the yin and yang-male and female energies within the chakras. Chakra Tantra helps to fully awaken the Kundalini energy. In Hindu philosophy these two polar opposites represent Shiva and Shakti.
Chakra Tantra Reiki is a combination of chakra balancing thought integration of polar energies, and ourselves working on our creative energies to manifest our wishes. It is also helpful in re-invigorating our creative and sexual energies, dealing with the sacral chakra area. It can help to alleviate back pain due to  energy blocks, improve fertility, and personal power."

Distance Reiki (up to 45 minutes)
Suggested fee $45

Reiki up to 90 minute Session:
Suggested fee $75

Reiki & Guided Counseling 60 to 90 minute Session:
Suggested fee $90

Reiki included in Ongoing Counseling:
please discuss

You can always call Jane Rekas, LCSW at 971-285-5679.  Please mention that you are interested in Reiki.

You can also now book an appointment online here:

Schedule an appointment online (confidential) and receive email reminder.


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My Lineage


Starlene Breiter

Starlene Breiter

High Priestess Verria

for Rainbow Starseeds

for Rainbow Starseeds
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Rays, 2015

Pleiadian DNA Attunements

Pleiadian DNA Attunements

Pleiadian DNA Attunement

Light and Love Reiki Attunements

Light and Love Reiki Attunements
Rev. Starlene Breiter, my trainer for Reiki Master 2011

Lorelynn Cardo

Lorelynn Cardo

Arise Counseling & Energy Healing

Arise Counseling & Energy Healing
Lorelynn Mirage Cardo, Ph.D., my Reiki II teacher 2009

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Sheila King

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Reiki House
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