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Monday, March 12, 2012

From "Destiny of Souls"

Using a special hypnosis technique to reach the hidden memories of subjects, Dr. Newton discovered some amazing insights into what happens to us between lives. Journey of Souls is the record of 29 people who recalled their experiences between physical deaths.  Destiny of Souls, the saga continues with 70 case histories of real people who were regressed into their lives between lives. 

Energy Healing on Earth
Healers of the Human Body
"When I learned about souls who were specializing in restoring damaged
energy in the spirit world, I was curious how these souls might apply
their unconscious spiritual knowledge when they were working in
physical form. Some place great emphasis on this aspect of their skill
development to help human beings. My next case is a woman who works
with many energy modalities, including reiki. However, until our
hypnosis session, she had little idea of the source of her spiritual power
to heal. Her spiritual name is Puruian and during our time together she
explained how and why energy adjustments are necessary for incarnates
as well as discarnates.
Case 23
Dr. N: Puruian, I would like to know if your spiritual training in
soul restoration is used by you in your earthly assignments?
S: (subject evidenced some surprise as this information began to
unfold in her mind after my question) Why ... yes... I didn't realize
how much until now ... only those of us who want to continue
working in this way on Earth are called transformers.
Dr. N: What is the difference? How would you define a transformer?
S: (laughs in recognition) As transformers we do repair jobs on
Earth—we are the cleanup crew—transforming bodies to good
health. There are people on Earth who have gray spots of energy
which cause them to get stuck. You see it when they make the same
mistakes over and over in life. My job is to incarnate, find them and
try and remove these blocks so they make better decisions and gain
confidence and self-value. We transform them to be more
productive people.
Dr. N: Puruian, I would like to clarify the differences in spiritual
training, if any, between restoring souls in the spirit world and
transforming energy on a physical world?
S: (long pause) Some parts of our training are the same but...
transformers are sent to other worlds between lives to study— those
of us who like working with physical forms.
Dr. N: Describe the last training you had as a transformer before you
came back to Earth.
S: (struck by my question, there is a dreamy response) Oh ... two light
beings came from another dimension to work with the six of us.
(Puruian's independent study group) They showed us how... to keep
our vibrational energy into a tight, beamed focus—not scattered. I
learned to pinpoint my energy to be more effective.
Dr. N: Were these beings from a physical world?
S: (in a soft tone) More like a gas sphere where their intelligence
exists in ... bubbles... but they were so good. We learned ... oh ... we
learned ...
Dr. N: (gently) I'm sure ... Let's return to the practical use of what you
learned now that you are more aware of the origins of your skills. Tell
me how you apply this spiritual knowledge in your energy work today
as a transformer soul on Earth?
S: (a look of wonder) It's ... there now... in my mind ... I see why it
works ... (stops)... the focused beam ...
Dr. N: (pressing) The focused beam ... ?
S: (earnestly) We use it as a laser—rather like a dentist would drill out a
decayed tooth—to pinpoint and clean up gray energy. This is the fast
way. It is harder for me to use a slow procedure which is longer lasting
and even more effective.
Dr. N: Okay, Puruian, remember you are explaining to me how you use
your spiritual training and earthly training in combination to heal
energy. You have the memory right now of both aspects. Tell me
about the slow method.
S: (takes a deep breath) 1 close my eyes and kind of go into a semitrance
when I cup my hands near my patient's head. I see now thai
whal I have learned in the spirit world helps me more than what I
learned in my classes down here. I guess that doesn't matter, really.
Dr. N: We receive power to help others from many sources. Please go on
about your healing by the slow method with your patients on Earth.
S: Well, I work with geometric shapes, such as spirals of energy,
forming them in my mind to match the configuration of the particular
trouble spot. Then I lay these energy structures around the gray
areas. This sets up the areas to be repaired with my slow healing
vibrations, like placing a hot pad on a sore muscle, (pause) You see,
these souls were damaged on the way in and this ... infirmity ... only
grows worse as the body develops on Earth.
Dr. N: (surprised) Back up a minute. What do you mean, "damaged on
the way in"? I thought your work on Earth mostly involved
contaminated energy from life's trials?
S: That's only part of the problem. When souls enter the human body
on Earth they come into dense matter. Their host bodies, after all,
contain primitive animal energy which is thick. The soul has a natural
sort of pure, refined energy which does not easily blend with some
human hosts. It takes experience to get used to all this. The younger
souls especially can be damaged. They get knocked off their tracks
early on and are ... twisted.
Dr. N: And you might project different energy configurations with
different people who are your patients.
S: Uh-huh, that is the job of the transformer. Their damaged energy
lines are so ... squiggly ... they must be rearranged to remove the toxic
energy. These muddled souls are so unbalanced that a lot of our work
must be directed at all the cells of the body where negative energy is
trapping the free flow of the positive. When this is performed
properly the soul is more fully engaged with the human brain.
Dr. N: This sounds very worthwhile, indeed.
S: It is gratifying although I still have a lot to learn, (laughs) We call
ourselves psychic sponges for refined energy.
It is not surprising that case 25 uses reiki in her work on Earth. Reiki
is an ancient art of healing by the hands. After evaluating and working
on damaged energy, practitioners of this art close gaps in the human
energy field with body alignments to bring symmetry. There are theories
that damaged energy', physical or mental, in the human body
causes gaps in our auras through which a demonic negative force can
enter. This is another of those fear-based myths that receives
undeserved attention. I have been told by restoration specialists that
this does not happen because there is no outside force of evil trying to
take over your body. However, negative energy blockages in our energy
field do cause a reduction in functional capacity.

I am also disturbed by scientific articles debunking energy work with
the hands, such as therapeutic touch, because I have seen the power of
this kind of healing with the sick. It is often freely given by certain
nurses in hospital settings out of a genuine concern to nurture and heal.

Our bodies are composed of an energy field of particles that appears
solid but is fluid and acts as a vibrational conductor. One of my
transformer souls had this to say about her therapeutic touch methods:
The secret to healing is removing my conscious self so as to
avoid inhibiting the free flow of energy between us. My
objective is to merge with the energy flow of the patient to
bring out the highest good in that body. This is done with
love as well as technique.

If the receiving party is resistant and inhibits the free-flowing passageways
of chi, or life force, through their own mental negativism, they
are perfectly capable of blocking the detection of their energy field by a
healer. As we begin a new millennium, more people are becoming aware
of the healing properties of meditation and guided imagery to build
energy within themselves. There are many ways to reach the center of
our inner wisdom by tapping into a higher energy source. Massage,
yoga, acupuncture and biomagnetic healing are some of the techniques
available to help balance our chi.

Body energy and soul energy are adversely affected by vibrational
resonances not in harmony with each other. Each person has their own
fingerprint of natural rhythm. Body and soul must smoothly coexist for
humans to be productive. If we take a holistic approach to body health,
our creative self is better able to function with the human brain. Being
in harmony with our outer and inner self positions us to more energetically
engage in physical, spiritual and environmental interrelationships."


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