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Friday, January 18, 2013

Psychic Protection

"Psychic protection is as natural as putting on work clothes in the morning, checking your mobile phone is charged and that you have your ticket and money for the day. If you prepare in advance you arrive unhurried and do not leave yourself vulnerable, accident-prone and panicking if there are delays or problems on your journey. It is the same with routine psychic self-defense."

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"Equally, when you return in the evening, you may have a bath and change your clothes and can feel the tensions flowing away –these routine actions create a barrier against the outside world and this is the purpose of good psychic self-defense, to mark and strengthen the bounds between you and the outside world. In the morning you are increasing positive energies to resist stress and in the evening slowing down the pace to shed the day allows a calmer mood to predominate. If you are a shift-worker, you can modify the times to fit in with your life.

The earthly and psychic actions are linked. If you are permanently feeling rushed and late or you live in clutter and constant demands on your time, even when you are supposed to be relaxing, then it is easier for negative energies to accumulate. The workaholic needs really strong psychic self-defense – and maybe a re-ordering of worldly priorities.

Creating the protected, connected self

Few of us in the modern world do have the time or space to withdraw for long periods to re-establish the still calm centre that enables us to interact with others without being overwhelmed or absorbing negativity, intentional or free-floating. But there are various stages that we can follow even in the busiest schedule to ensure that we are not dissipating our own energies or are vulnerable to psychic vampirism in others. The following stages to inner harmony can be practiced either separately or as a sequence. None of them takes more than a minute or two.


Although this process sounds very mysterious and complex, it is in fact, no different from having an earth wire in your electricity plug. Humans and animals are naturally connected to the earth, but this link can get clogged up or even forgotten, especially if you live or work in a tower block or spend a lot of time with high tech equipment or travelling, especially at peak times on crowded roads or modes of transport.

·                     The simplest way to earth yourself is to stand barefoot on grass or earth. Raise your hands above your head while breathing in, then, fingers extend, slowly lower them downwards to the earth while breathing out, all the negative energies will drain away.

·                     If you cannot go outdoors, keep a living plant with two dark colored crystals in it. Very gently touch the plant and close your eyes allowing what the twelfth century mystic Hildegard von Bingen called, the greening process, to reconnect you with the soil.

You should try to earth yourself whenever you feel anxious, jittery or unable to concentrate or after psychic work.  Kneading dough or shaping clay is another way of reconnecting with basic earth energies and if you make something useful like a loaf or a pot to hold things rather than a decorative one, you are transforming free-floating energies into a rooted form.

Whenever possible go for a walk by yourself or with a friend or family member who will not ceaselessly chatter or analyzing your relationship or career or family problems and allow the sensations to replace troubling thoughts, fragrances, sounds, colors, the taste of salt by the sea or spices in a market. Concentrate on the movement of your feet and absorbing the impressions. If you can walk across grassland, hills or sand, the reconnection is more easily made and even urgent anxieties will recede, giving your body and mind time to be restored.

When I walk along the beach near my caravan I sometimes reflect that the worries that were so pressing this time last year either never materialized or did happen – and that worrying had only increased my own inability to respond to crises. The battles I fought many times in my head were no easier in actuality for the rehearsal, but walking weekend after weekend along the wet sand or over the cliffs, did help to keep me grounded and not lost in mists of anxiety.


This is the logical progression after grounding and is very effective if you are receiving impressions from many different sources, conflicting demands on your time and energies or you feel that you are being drained of energy. As I have said before, some psychic vampires are not malevolent at all, merely have a lot of problems and an inability to accept responsibility for their own lives or to seek positive solutions. Children, sick or lonely relations and friends can also drain us of our natural reserves of strength. Sometimes you cannot shield yourself from them as you need to give out loving energies, but do need to centre yourself, so that you do not become so sympathetic or concerned that your own peace of mind and ability to cope is destroyed.

Even in the most positive relationship you may need to be yourself within your head. If you are centered, you are focused and you can concentrate or simply switch off from external pressures and allow your natural restorative energies to come into operation.

·                     Hold your arms this time by your side and visualize all the energies that are not yours leaving your body and those that are yours but have been scattered returning and forming a circle of light in the centre of your head parallel to your Brow Chakra, the psychic Third Eye in the centre of your head.

If this seems difficult or if you need protection from the demands of those you love who nevertheless are dissipating your energies, try the following ritual.


There are a variety of reasons why you might like to erect a shield: whether to avoid intrusion of your personal space while travelling, for filtering out negative reactions to jealousy, spite or unfair criticism and later in this chapter I talk about shielding the aura from negative impressions. Why should we not keep a regular shield in place and so avoid any problems? The main reason is that although you can ask that only positive and higher energies penetrate, you are creating a barrier and as with all barriers they interfere with the flow of energies. So a shielded life would be a restrictive one, in which emotions would be muted and sensory impressions blunted.

We all need a certain amount of challenge in our lives and sometimes what seems an obstacle or unfair criticism, may turn out to be the spur we need to transform and to change. Equally if a friend or loved one is in emotional pain or a stranger who needs kindness, we do need to share the feelings in order to respond from the heart. In love, we cannot avoid the fears and anticipation of the early stages and need to experience loss or disappointment in order to move on.

This is not to diminish the importance of psychic shielding in order to protect oneself. But as you would close your doors and windows against an impending storm, rather than live in anticipation indoors all the time, so you can activate your shield quickly, whether your angelic guardians or your electric biofield defense by building into the ritual a psychic short-cut to activate your defense."


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