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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Magical Correspondences of Fixed Stars

From Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology 
by Vivian E. Robson

Royal Star Aldebaran

Royal Star Aldebaran by expressingyourtruth on Polyvore

Sabian Symbol: a quiver filled with arrows
Crystal: Smoky Quartz


Sabian Symbol: a Spaniard serenading his seniorita
Crystal: Rubellite, a natural tourmaline


Alphecca by expressingyourtruth featuring gold jewelry

Sabian Symbol: an embassy ball
Crystal: blue diamond

Sabian Symbol: a mother with her children walking upstairs
Crystal:  Lavendar Jade


Sabian Symbols: chanticleer saluting the dawn
Crystal: Mukaite (Archangel Michael energy)Capella

Capella by expressingyourtruth featuring sapphire earrings

Sabian Symbol: three fledglings in a nest high in a tree
Crystal: Green Quartz (nickel quartz)

Deneb Algedi

Sabian Symbol: a big bear sitting down waving all it's paws
Crystal: Okenite and/or Mesolite


Sabian Symbol: a petrified forest
Crystal: petrified wood (silicified)


Sabian Symbols and Crystals

  • 27 Taurus Atlas - Turquoise
  • 28 Taurus Pleione - Morganite
  • 29 Taurus Asterope - Gabbro
  • 29 Taurus Celaenon "
  • 29 Taurus Electra "
  • 29 Taurus Maia "
  • 29 Taurus Merope "
  • 00 Gemini Alcyone - 1 instead - Petoskey Stone


Sabian Symbol: a man declared bankrupt
Crystal: Nickel


Sabian Symbol: a leader wrapped in an invisible mantle of power
Crystal: MagnetiteRegulus

Sabian Symbol: a Mermaid
Crystal: Aqua Aura

Sirius by expressingyourtruth on Polyvore

Sabian Symbol: a large diamond not completely cut
Crystal: uncut Diamond


Sabian Symbol: Chanticleer saluting the dawn
Crystal: Mookaite


Sabian Symbol: Many toys in the children's ward of a hospital
Crystal: White Howlite
  • Aldebaran rules: Carbuncle, ruby, milky thistle, and "matry-silva."
  • Royal Star Alderbaran 9 degrees Gemini - the left eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus. The Archangel Michael, the watcher of the East. 
  • Algol in the Pleiades rules: Diamond, black hellebore, mugwort.
  • CAPUT ALGOL - [25 Degrees of Taurus]
    Caput Algol is one of the most violent stars in the zodiac. In natal charts, this gives a most violent disposition, along with murderous tendencies. These violent tendencies are intensified when one is intoxicated with drugs and/or alcohol. Here is the nasty, violent, mean, and vicious drunk. On the upside, it can bestow athletic ability. The intense nature, when sublimated, can give the drive to reach the top, but the affairs of the planet occupying this degree often end in disaster and misfortune. When conjunct the descendent, violence can come from others, especially the lover or marriage partner. I have noted more than one person with the Sun in conjunction with this star in being a pathological liar.
  • Algorab in Corvus rules: Stones of the color of black onyx, burr, quadragnus, henbane, comfrey, and the tongue of irog. 13 ♎ 27
  • Alphecca in Corona Borealis rules: Topaz, rosemary, trefoil and ivy. 12 ♏ 18
  • Antares rules: Sardonyx, amethyst, long aristolochy and saffron.
  •  Royal Star Antares 9 degrees Sagittarius - the heart of the scorpion in the constellation of Scorpio. The Archangel Uriel, the watcher of the West.  
  • Arcturus rules: Jasper and plantain. 23 degrees of Libra
  • Capella rules: Sapphire, horehound, mint, mugwort and mandrake.21 ♊ 51
  • Deneb Algedi rules: Chalcedony, marjoram, mugwort, nip and mandrake root. 23 ♒ 33
  • Pleiades rules: Crystal and the stone Diodocus, the herb Diacedon, frankincense, fennel and quicksilver. 24º Taurus – 6º Gemini
  • Polaris rules: Lodestone, succory, mugwork, periwinkle, flowers and the tooth of a wolf. 28 ♊ 34
  • Procyon rules: the stone Achates, flowers of marigold, pennyroyal.25 ♋ 47
  • Regulus rules: Granite, sallendine, mugwort and mastic.
  • Royal Star Regulus 29 degrees Leo - (the star of kings) known as being the heart of the lion in the constellation of Leo, it is the most important of these four. The healing Archangel Raphael, the watcher of the North. Certainly, in Royal nativity's, Regulus is very important, regarded almost as a planet itself. - See more at:
  • Sirius rules: Beryl, savine, mugwort, dragonwort, and the tongue of a snake. 14 ♋ 05
  • Spica rules: Emerald, sage, trefoil, periwinkle, mugwort and mandrake. 23 ♎ 50
  • Vega rules: Chrysolite, succory, and fumitary. 15º 19’ Capricorn


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