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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Crystals

  1. SAGITTARIUS 12 Moon

Ebay - Buy Diopside Online
Birthdays - December 2 – 4
Key Word - Adjustment

Crystal - Diopside
Attributes - Diopside will help you to let go of old unproductive feelings and thought patterns and help you forgive yourself. It will help you ease old emotional and physical pain and wounds. When you need to make peace with others after a dispute this is the stone to wear. Physically diopside helps the kidneys, hormones and acid/alkali balance.
Message - Signs and messages transforming in sound and vision.
Focus - You are an inspirational leader with a desire for exploration and adventure; you lead by example.
Affirmation - I am adaptable.

    1. SAGITTARIUS 16 Mars

Ebay - Buy Hemimorphite Online
Birthdays - December 6 – 8 
Key Word - Alertness

Crystal - Hemimorphite
Attributes - Hemimorphite will help you find, adjust and achieve your life goals. It helps you be calm and peaceful in all situations. It will help you recognise people and situations that are trying to influence you. It is a stone that is gently restorative in nature. Physically hemimorphite will help you with heart problems, warts, sunburn, burns, wound healing and restless legs.
Message - Balance a carefree attitude with a responsible nature.
Focus - You have a versatile, easy-going nature; you easily make friends and influence people you meet.
Affirmation - I will make the most of every opportunity.

    1. SAGITTARIUS 17 Rising

Ebay - Buy Yellow Prehnite Online
Birthdays - December 7 – 9
Key Word - Rebirth

Crystal - Yellow Prehnite
Attributes - Yellow prehnite promotes respect for yourself and others. Yellow prehnite removes repressive and evasive behaviours. Physically it helps to process fat soluble substances, stimulates fat metabolism and helps with excess weight.
Message - Joyful illumination, holiness, the promise of renewal, the blessing of love.
Focus - You have inner self-confidence, which helps you build firm foundations in your life and achieve your ambitions.
Affirmation - Resurrection is a sign of hope and joy in my life.

    1. SAGITTARIUS 20 Venus

Ebay - Buy Blue Topaz Online
Birthdays - December 10 – 12 
Key Word - Procurement

Crystal - Blue Topaz
Attributes - Blue topaz is the stone for helping to increase your self confidence. It will also make you feel secure in your abilities. Blue topaz helps you understand that the twists and turns of fate and gain wisdom from them. Physically blue topaz strengthens the nerves, improves your digestion and it will help you assimilate nutrients from food.
Message - Cooperation and mutual respect lead to added benefits.
Focus - An inspirational leader, explorer and adventurer, you are prepared and will succeed.
Affirmation - I plan ahead and successfully reach my goals.

    1. PISCES 10 Saturn

Ebay - Buy Scolecite Online
Birthdays - February 27 – 29
Key Word - Observation

Crystal - Scolecite
Attributes - Scolecite promotes team spirit and the need for you to become a member of a cohesive group. This stone balances over activity with restful sleep which then help you have a balanced healthy life. It will urge you to see a positive life stretch out ahead of you. Physically scolecite will sharpen your hearing, strengthen your bones, ears and kidneys.
Message - Transcend the mundane; show others the way.
Focus - In your life, you explore freedom, form, perspective, rules and the unlearning of rules.
Affirmation - Eternal perception clarifies my ideas in the now.

    1. PISCES 18 Chiron

Ebay - Buy Stilbite Online
Birthdays - March 7 – 9
Key Word - Apportion

Crystal - Stilbite
Attributes - Stilbite is the ideal stone to promote a calm, relaxed and confident state of mind; the perfect stone for meditation. It will help you bring your ideas and visions to life. Physically stilbite promotes healthy kidney function; strengthens your senses especially your sense of taste. It will ease a sore throat.
Message - Empower, intensify and inspire through extravagant revelations.
Focus - A gifted performer and a great teacher, you inspire and motivate people.
Affirmation - I am enchanting, exhilarating and unforgettable.

    1. GEMINI 4 North Node

Birthdays - May 24 – 25
Key Word - Rituals

Crystal - Watermelon Tourmaline
Attributes - Promotes understanding. Promotes love, friendship and security; dispels fear and depression. Helps express your intentions clearly. Strengthens the heart, promotes regeneration of the nerves, helps with paralysis and multiple sclerosis.
Message - Joyful ceremonies bring together family and community.
Focus - Your ability to organise celebrations of the spirit promotes a return to simple delights with family and friends.
Affirmation - I feel peace and joy as I feel safe.

    1. CANCER 1 Jupiter

Birthdays - June 21 – 23
Key Word - Adaptability

Crystal - Sphalerite
Attributes - Promotes agility and vigour. Good for exhaustion, weakness, despondency and fear. Strengthens power of memory and helps monitor several things simultaneously. Helps with diabetes and restless legs; good for the brain, skin, immune reaction and fertility.
Message - Sending clear signs, creating swift and reliable communication.
Focus - You are flexible and confident, inspiring people to redirect and refocus their life course.
Affirmation - I reveal my beliefs, abilities and talents with style.

    1. VIRGO 17 Pluto

Birthdays - September 8 – 10
Key Word - Explosion

Crystal - Apache Tears
Attributes - This stone eases pain. Releases emotional pain and helps with fear, panic and shock. helps give up belief in misfortune, helps with fear pain and shock, Alleviates sprain, strain, back-pain as well as general local and intermittent pain.
Message - Natural forces persistently forcing drastic change.
Focus - You compel others to open up, bringing to light hidden stories, transforming lives in an instant.
Affirmation - I ask that my life force be strengthened right now.

    1. VIRGO 18 Uranus

Birthdays - September 9 – 11
Key Word - Acumen

Crystal - Golden Beryl
Attributes - This stone is also known as yellow beryl or Heliodor. It soothes after long term healing and emotional release work, calms and aligns the emotional body, helps in balancing sustained changes and energy expansions, heals your astral body and brings it into the physical aura, it supports weary old souls. Supports women during the menopause process.
Message - Illuminating communication and divination, accessing the astral plane.
Focus - The thoughtful conversation you offer people becomes a practical way to understand esoteric principles.
Affirmation - I seek out and understand meaningful messages.

    1. SCORPIO 4 Sun

Ebay - Buy Lemurian Seed Crystals Online
Birthdays - October 26 – 28
Key Word - Reliance

Crystal - Lemurian Seed Crystal
Attributes - Lemurian Seed Crystals are self healing crystals, they can share the knowledge of healing and are excellent for healing your self or others. They are generally very powerful when used for healing on all levels because they contain within them the pattern of their own healing.
Message - Communicate with spirit through prayer, words, action and energy.
Focus - Deeply spiritual and intuitive, you are keen to explore the realms of sacred ritual and ancient philosophies.
Affirmation - I stand in the circle of light and commune with the spirit.

    1. SCORPIO 19 Neptune

Ebay - Buy Wardite Online
Birthdays - November 10 – 12
Key Word - Conventionality

Crystal - Wardite
Attributes - Wardite is all about purification and preparation, and influences all chakras as well as the subtle energetic body. It is a stone for our time, not only aiding us in clearing that which isn’t needed, but helping us to recognise what isn’t needed and the reasons behind it, so we become part of the whole story, and take responsibility for who we are and who we will become. Wardite represents the beginning of the process, the coming together of all elements of ourselves and the world around us. At the time of writing it is not comfortable to work with, as our world is so unsettled, and we cannot yet see our place in it. In time it will come into its own, allowing us to see the interconnectedness of everything, multi-dimensionally, while remaining calm and detached.
Message - Accepting patterns of thought and action, and transferring these insights.
Focus - You listen to the truth, process facts and speak honestly, adding valuable insight to the natural realm.
Affirmation - I hear and share divine messages.

    1. SCORPIO 22 Mercury

Ebay - Buy Andradite Garnet Online
Birthdays - November 13 – 15
Key Word - Enterprise

Crystal - Andradite Garnet
Attributes - This stone is for increasing your willpower and orienting your life path. This is the perfect stone for enhancing your intuition; it sends you feelings of safety and trust in yourself and others. If you need creativity, shrewdness and flexibility this is the stone that you need to move forward in your life. Physically andradite will aid the liver, vitality, mobility and fitness. It will help women who suffer from irregular menstruation.
Message - Trust your instincts; remain focused on goals; actively pursue rewards.
Focus - Through practical involvement, you enhance the status and social acceptance of various groups.
Affirmation - I reshape my spiritual landscape as my ascension process expands.


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