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Rainbow Rays and Symbols

These are symbols used in Arcturian Rainbow Healing distance or Skype sessions.  They were channeled by High Priestess Verria of Arcturian Rainbow Healing, where I received attunements.


The Rays are now on separate pages.

  • Ruby Red Ray heals cellular damage, releases stress and pain, and calms fear of change.  This ray also assists you in Grounding into Earth. Arcturian Message Grounding & Connection to Nature.  
  • Carnelian Orange Ray awakens divine creativity, deepens love and connection to planet.  This ray also assists you in Transformation. Arcturian Message Transformation
  • Topaz Yellow Ray awakens divine purpose, strengthens sense of service to the source's vision. This ray is related to Unlocking Past Life memories. Arcturian Message Unlock Past Life Memories
  • Emerald Green Ray assists in creation of abundance and connection to divine flow. This ray is related to Meditation. Arcturian Message Meditation & Altered States
  • Sapphire Blue Ray assists in communication of love and truth. This ray assists in awakening. Arcturian Message Awakening 
  • Star Sapphire Indigo Ray awakens and strengthens the third eye. This ray assists in Amplified Healing. Arcturian Message Amplified Healing
  • Rose Quartz Magenta Pink Ray helps in acceptance of one's higher self and enhances unity with source.  This ray assists in astral travel and Protection.  Arcturian Message Astral Travel & Shamanic Protection



Arcturian Message for Light Body Expansion.



Red Ray
Gemstones: ruby, hematite, garnet, obsidian
Orange Ray
Gemstones: gold topaz, aventurine, coral, fire opal, merlinite & clear quartz
Yellow Ray:
Gemstones: citrine, labrodite, amber, tiger eye, yellow jasper, herkimer diamond
Green Ray:
Gemstones: rose quartz, jade, aventurine, Herkimer diamond
Blue Ray
Gemstones: lapis lazuli, aquamarine, topaz, blue lace agate, Aqua Marine
Indigo/Purple Ray:
Gemstones: blue tourmaline, blue sapphire, opal, amethyst, angelite
Magenta Pink Ray:
Gemstones: amethyst, diamond, rose quartz, angelite, merlinite


Red Coral, Coral, Citrine, Malachite, Turquoise, Topaz, Lavender Jade

Garnet, Pink Pearl or Rose Quartz, Light Yellow Chrysoberyl, Flourite, Tourmaline, Rough Sapphire, Amethyst

Sardonyx, Carnelian, Celadon, Jade, Lapis Lazuli (with pattern), Purple Sardonyx

Garnet, Orange Rose Zircon, Peridot, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Purple Sapphire

Other Symbols

make a humming chi ball

Ammit Cam Dulah

Helps build a connection Council of Nine

  1. ask for help
  2. connect with your inner child
  3. hand everything over to the council
  4. gratitude
  5. know that it is done
  6. act quickly on guidance
  7. celebrate yourself

Var Ram Mah Cit Lenk Dit Du Ah
high frequency love and light, to dispel negativity from aura and living or work space
helps with depression, access to inner power

Mika Am Zeet Lak En Do Ah
writing, images, thoughts, words
mothership connection

Kalik Zen Tay Vamma Om
Master Astral Travel

Shemah Dun Lan Ka Zaf Kumah
higher spiritual power, expanded vision

Red Ray

Orange Ray

Yellow Ray

Green Ray

 thought form, proxy method, ARH Box, Crystals (clear quartz point)
heal at a distance, through time both future and healing past
phone or Skype


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My Lineage


Starlene Breiter

Starlene Breiter

High Priestess Verria

for Rainbow Starseeds

for Rainbow Starseeds
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Rays, 2015

Pleiadian DNA Attunements

Pleiadian DNA Attunements

Pleiadian DNA Attunement

Light and Love Reiki Attunements

Light and Love Reiki Attunements
Rev. Starlene Breiter, my trainer for Reiki Master 2011

Lorelynn Cardo

Lorelynn Cardo

Arise Counseling & Energy Healing

Arise Counseling & Energy Healing
Lorelynn Mirage Cardo, Ph.D., my Reiki II teacher 2009

Sheila King

Sheila King

Reiki House

Reiki House
Sheila King, my Reiki I teacher 2008

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