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Friday, October 19, 2012

Red Overlay

People usually add a Red Overlay to their aura for one or more of the following reasons:

They have had a life-threatening situation at birth or at a young age, which caused them to perceive that they may die, or that the world was not a safe place. Examples of life-threatening situations can include birth complications, severe illness, choking, drowning or suffocating. Many people do not remember these incidents, and so the source of their anger or struggle remains a mystery to them. They frequently have feelings of dread or of impending disaster for reasons unknown to them.

People may also add a Red Overlay if they have been physically, emotionally or mentally abandoned or rejected. Red Overlays frequently appear in people who were unwanted children, adopted or separated from a parent at a young age. This can also apply to children who felt emotionally abandoned by a parent, even when the parent appeared to be physically present in the home.

The most obvious and traceable causes for Red in the aura are those cases in which people have been physically, emotionally or mentally abused. Children who have been sexually abused, physically beaten, or raised by alcoholic or verbally abusive parents usually feel that the world is an unsafe and undependable place and that protection is necessary for survival.

Red Overlays can even appear around children who felt emotionally or physically smothered or suppressed. They feel betrayed by the adults, who were supposed to love, nurture and protect them as children. Not everyone who felt abandoned by a parent has a Red Overlay, however. The experience had to be intense enough or serious enough to have threatened the emotional or physical survival instincts of the child.

To learn how to heal and remove a red overlay, read the Red Overlay section in Pam's book "Life Colors: What the Colors in Your Aura Say About You". You can also watch the video here.

People are not born with a Red Overlay but add it if they felt a need to protect themselves

Reasons for adding the Red Overlay are various but they all occurred in early childhood.

(1) There may have been a life threatening situation (choking, nearly drowning, suffocating, etc.)  (2) There may have been intense feelings of abandonment or rejection (adoption, parent leaving)  (3) There may have been physical, emotional or mental abuse (sexual abuse, being beaten, alcoholic or verbally abusive parents, even being emotionally smothered, etc.)

The child can grow up feeling unsafe, unprotected, and that the world is not a friendly place

The Red Overlay is added to the outer bands but needs to be removed for healthy functioning

This red, protective layer can become a prison if not removed as it shuts everyone out

Indications of a Red Overlay present are intense anger, continuous struggle and self-sabotage

There are three significant ways people can remove the Red Overlay from their aura:

(1) They can visualize erasing the red from their aura and replacing it with another color

(2) They can visualize themselves as an adult taking care of and parenting their little child

(3) They can go to a therapist


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